Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mr. Marcel F. Well done!

Marcel, Marcel, Marcel
Someone asked me what does "dapper" mean to me..
"style that is thought of naturally; style that is created without over thinking what (Dapper) fashion should look like."
I definitely think that Mr. Marcel F. visually defines "dapper".
Marcel displays all of the aspects of what I love about of men's fashion. I have a serious passion for fashion because I've observed that fashion is what makes the world evolve. In fact, fashion has had such an impact on society that the ratio for free lance stylists and designers has increased. Why such an increase? Simple, it's what I'd like to call
This evolution has caused more consumers to learn how to find a style of their own. Especially, men's fashion because society is already persuaded that women are fashion pioneers, but it's so rare to see men become dominant in fashion without the help of a woman. Not realizing that our most influential female fashion leaders are made up and mostly styled by men alone!

I love men's fashion from shoes, to bow ties, European cut suits, ravishing haircuts, even cute accessories that enhances a man's outfit (such as cuff links, bracelets, phone cases, watches, luxury cars, man bags, hats, scarves, etc.). I could describe men's fashion from grooming all the way down to the type of socks a man is wearing with his outfit. I love styling men, and encountering well dressed men who know how to hold their own in fashion. 
Let's take the outfit below for example. Mr. Marcel is wearing a simple navy blue button down, classic blue leather jacket, stoned washed denims rolled at the top of the ankles, all black high top sneakers, a simple black watch, and a unique haircut to go along with his sexy after shave. Now all of these items sound like simple pieces to his outfit, but its his personal style that makes this simple outfit stand out.
Along, with the rest of his outfits, they all help Marcel to achieve a signature look that can't easily be duplicated. He chose his great pieces that work for him and his style preference. It is always important to add pieces to your outfits that work for you and suit your personality/mood for the day.

It's the little things on pieces of your outfit that makes your personal style show. For example, Marcel's pants would be considered standard gray skinny pants to some men who don't convey a sense of style, but to others who appreciate nice detailed pieces the patched seams in the inner knees and the skinny ankles added by adjustable side zippers with a slight drop crotch makes these pants an appreciative, authentic piece of clothing. You know, pants that you'll heave to force yourself not to outwear with almost every outfit because you love them so much!?!?

Last, but not least!!!!
I love shoes that need no that automatically catch everyone's that become the most important piece to an outfit. Noted, I personally think that shoes are THE most important part of anyone's outfit; aside from their hairstyle. If your shoes don't have chemistry with your outfit then your outfit is just "busy artwork". Remember, you're the canvas so you must dress yourself in a such a way that it gives meaning and tells a story.
 In addition, shoes are like the frame around your canvas. You ever notice how some pictures are painted so beautifully, but the artist may have chosen the wrong style frame which took away from the pictures meaning?
Let's break it down....You can either wear a full plaid suit and pair it with some matching plaid dress boots and hat; which is equivalent to buffoonery . Or, you could wear that same plaid suit and compliment it with some nice brown wing tips and a solid colored fedora to give your outfit a classic look!


Mr. Marcel F. has been sumptuous in many ways on the along with many of the other great stylists and models. In which I advise all of you to go check out their fashion site. I love the fashion diversity the LookBook gives and how everyone units all over the world through fashion, style and creativity. The is also a great site to get inspiration on creating a new style if you've recently decided that you want to change up your look and go for something "out-of-the-box", more mature, classic, chic, punk, emo, prep, urban, you name it... has it!!
I enjoyed sharing with you the things I love about Men's Fashion and how well Marcel F. displays it. I hope you all enjoyed reading!! Until next time Loves.
-B. Dunn
Marketing/Wardrobe Consultant
Feature: Marcel F.
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