Monday, November 25, 2013

The Jena Green Show

"My passion is reporting on sports. A couple of months ago I came up with the idea of The Jena Green Show which is a sports show locally in Chicago that airs on CANTV channel 19. The main focus is to shed some light on former athletes who played in any professional league that you don't hear from anymore and current athletes. My goal is to continue to build my audience, get onto a bigger network, and continue sharing knowledge with the future generation."
"A large part of my personal style comes from choosing clothing that complement my personality, complexion, figure, and showing a little bit of skin while still being able to leave a some imagination. I try to keep a good mixture of colors to play with since I use to be pretty plain. Now I go big and bold  when it comes to colors. I love to keep things classic by blending a mixture of old and new pieces. I like for my style to reflect the type of person I am. Being a school teacher and a sports journalist, I tend to keep my clothing professional but there is always a time and place to change it up."
"Many people asked about my latest photo shoot and I would like to thank Victor Powell CEO of Powell Photography, Inc. who has done such a wonderful job capturing my inner and outer beauty. You can find him on Facebook by typing in Victor Powell or Powell Photography, Inc."
"A year and half ago I cut off all of my long pretty black hair and ended up with a hair style I did not ask for which was a mohawk. A month later I decided to try the natural look and it is a process when trying to train your hair a certain way. I have done everything I can possibly do so I figured why not be natural? I went for it and I love the compliments I receive. Being natural is a beautiful thing and I wouldn't trade my hair for anything unless Oprah calls and hire me lol. I learned that a lot of black women are making the effort to not only explore, but understand their natural texture and this is the new trend which I believe will never go away. Once I got the hang of my natural hair, I know I will not turn back to the relaxer. So many styles I can do with being natural. I'd recently done a photo shoot which consist of me wearing my natural hair and drew in a lot of attention."
Feature: Jena Green
Photographer: Victor Powell
Instagram: @greenjena
Facebook: The Jena Green Show

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