Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Style Brewing Company..A Man's Best Friend

Dapper Ladies & Sumptuous Gentlemen let us start the summer off right by adding new pieces that'll give our OOTD's fashionable meaning!! Starting with these Pointed Toe Martin Boots!!!! *style-gasm*

So let's make it our goal to whip those sad and bland outfits into shape by checking out The Style Brewing Co

Let's bring out the details on SB.....Style Brewing Co. is a premier online shopping site for curating and providing men with unique wardrobe staples and accessories for a very affordable price. 

I had the pleasure to connect with the company's stylist, Greg. Here's what he had to say below:

How long has The Style Brewing Company been in business?

"The Style Brewing Company has been in business for five months and is a product of two longtime style enthusiasts Lenox Germain Paris and Greg McGregorson who both wanted to provide men’s style enthusiast with a source for menswear that does not break the bank. With a focus on attainable style, the Style Brewing Company strives to be the source for personal style staples and unique must-have menswear."

What are you all most passionate about in reference to men's fashion?

"What we are most passionate about in reference to men’s fashion is the growth of a man’s personal style. Here at The Style Brewing Company, we focus on providing a collection of men’s clothing that you can incorporate in your everyday look. From timeless suede loafers, to the ubiquitous navy blazer, or a dapper dinner jacket we aim to offer you pieces that are focused on growing your personal style."

Which products have been the most popular on your website?

"Our ever growing catalog of personal style garments and accessories changes every day and contain a few items that have garnered a lot of attention.

The first of which is our Anchors Blazer which features a pique cotton fabric, elbow patches, and a unique pattern of anchors across the jacket. The details aside from the anchors are what makes this a truly special jacket. It also has a sleek one button design and side vents."
Anchors Jacket Link 

"Another favorite of our customers has been our bracelets. One way to set yourself apart is by wearing unique accessories and the easiest and most versatile accessories someone can own are bracelets. Our bestselling bracelet has been the Long Buddha Beads Charm Bracelet. Currently on sale, it is available in three colors; black, red, and green. All three come with a pretty cool red braided ship’s wheel that adds a unique touch. The Buddha Beads Bracelet can be found here."

"Thirdly, our next popular item has been our Suede Tassel Loafers. They are currently available in four colors and what makes these stand out as a must-have is the versatility of these loafers. These can be easily dressed up with a white button-down collar oxford shirt, blazer and slacks combo or dressed down with a shawl collared cardigan, gingham shirt and  dark wash jeans. The Tassel Loafers can be found here."

Have you featured any of your products in any fashion shows or publications lately?

"Currently we are working towards the goal of being featured in GQ magazine or GQ’s mantra is “Look Sharp, Live Smart” which is ultimately what we support men in accomplishing through our sharp looking collection of menswear and smart priced items."

Do you all have any upcoming event coming soon that your products will be featured in?

"We are working to present a personal style series of men’s blog posts highlighting key items every man needs in their closet. This will present to those who are interested in developing their wardrobe specific examples of smart priced versatile pieces that are closet staples."

Be sure to check out The Style Brewing Co. online and try not to have a heart attack over the amazing prices they have lined up!

Stylist(s): Greg McGregorson 
@MrCleanCut (IG)
Instagram link: @StyleBrewery

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Well Hello Brad, Such A Pleasure!

Brad, it's such a pleasure........
What's been trending so much that it's making the modern day cookie monsters get up..grab their running shoes..dust that mud from last year's most recent activity off..and run gut first into the gym? FITNESS, of course!!

 For the past few years people have been making it a necessity to go to the gym and get fit. So, what type of marketing sparked this epidemic?
That's easy, those fitness junkies have reeled us into their world by marketing off their beautiful bodies, triggering our guilty conscious by sliding those drastic "before and after" pictures through the cracks, eagerly posting healthy meals with the paragraph recipes attached right below the picture, and a list of workouts that can be lazily done at home like big-booty squats and egg crate ab routines. Last BUT NOT Least, They've sold us by combining fitness and fashion. You rarely come across fashion pictures of a model portraying an image of a starving greyhound in a silk Versace (ver-sace) blouse anymore. Now you can finally enjoy the view of a lean hunk of greatness in a tailored suit with a delicious body to make that outfit hug every inch of their body in the right places. You know fitness models that look like Bradley.......Oh, he's that exotic stallion below!
Ultimately, some people assume that a model's figure is too hard to obtain, maintain, and/or sustain.......BUT guess what......its not! It all starts with self motivation, drive, and discipline to develop a healthy fit lifestyle. Some people need that extra push by trusting fitness trainers to help them reach their goals without any setbacks. I'm confident that someone like Bradley can put you in perspective of what it takes to achieve such a life altering goal. 
"A healthy lifestyle is my greatest inspiration. There are so many illnesses these days due to unhealthy dieting and lack of exercise. I believe fitness will not only help to maximize my life span, but also help me get the best out of life. It also compliments my modeling. I never thought I would be a fitness model because I'm very shy and body conscious." 

"When I began modeling I was only interested in the fashion part of it. Print and editorial was my main focus. Recently I've decided to step out of my comfort zone and attempt fitness modeling which includes modeling underwear and swimwear and also a bit of runway modeling. I've also added some artistic nude shots to my portfolio which you can look out for in the near future." 
So beautiful people find that one thing or person that motivates you to push hard so you can lead yourself to a healthier lifestyle. We all want to live longer lives so let's stop saying it and let's start doing what it takes to survive in this jungle of a world!

Fitness Coach & Model Bradley "Brad" Duncan
Absolutpics (Trinidad)
BluephotoNYC (New York)
Mi' Kaelah Yisreal Portrait Photography
Ijumo Hayward Photography

Instagram: @Bradlified
Facebook: BradQK